Listen to the author Kristine Kershul talk about why our method makes it easy for you to learn a new language!
Our Method

You'll enjoy learning a language the 10 minutes a day® way. It combines a step-by-step, playful style with the backbone of an academic approach. You'll learn vocabulary in small doses.  Each word and each step is a building-block that has been carefully selected to help you speak the language as quickly as possible.  You'll understand how the components of the language work, allowing you to develop your vocabulary for any situation.

About the Author: Kristine K. Kershul

Kristine K. Kershul blends her experience as a teacher, world traveler and language scholar to create a playful, innovative way to learn a new language.

Her products reflect her philosophy, "Anyone can learn a foreign language. It doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to take years. It can be enjoyable and it can be something that fits easily into your daily routine." The 10 minutes a day® Series is designed to bring the magic of learning a new language to everyone.

Kristine K. Kershul

Teacher ...

As an expert linguist, Kristine spent ten years teaching German at universities in the United States and in Europe. Her years in the classroom taught her that most students were learning the language for personal enrichment, but the traditional academic methods were not meeting their needs. From this experience, Kristine developed the innovative teaching method found in the 10 minutes a day® Series.

World Traveler ...

An adventurous spirit, Kristine has explored more than 100 countries, from Bhutan to Zimbabwe, and almost every exotic locale in between. She understands the problems that all travelers encounter, regardless of which country they are visiting. She knows first-hand how languages can open doors to new adventures, new friends and different cultures.

Language Scholar ...

Kristine completed her undergraduate and graduate studies while living in Heidelberg, Germany. She then received a second Master's Degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara and subsequently, did her Doctoral studies in Medieval German Languages and Literature.

With Kristine's fluency, it's no surprise to hear her conducting business in German, but it is not uncommon to also hear her on the phone speaking French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic or Hebrew.

A Colorful Background ...

Kristine's fascination for languages began as a child growing up in a tri-lingual household in Oregon, where Croatian, Danish and English were spoken.

Kristine's natural gift for languages opened doors outside the academic world. She worked as a bilingual travel guide in Europe and later, as a translator at the U.S. Embassy in Germany, before returning to the United States.

Bilingual Books ...

Based on the success of her first book, GERMAN in 10 minutes a day®, Kristine founded Bilingual Books in 1981. Thirty-eight years later, her company is the leader in foreign language publishing, with more than 50 titles in 20 languages. Kristine's commitment to frequently update, refresh and fine-tune is a reflection of the high standard of quality which has led to the trademark success of Bilingual Books.

On A Personal Note ...

Kristine's passion for travel, foreign languages and new cultures continues to take her around the world. One never knows where she'll venture to next - Namibia, Kiribati or Madagascar. Kristine is a licensed pilot, a certified diver and an avid downhill skier. She enjoys competitive horseback riding and playing the piano. She makes her home in both Seattle, Washington and in Cape Town, South Africa.

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