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“This all started because I dreamed of traveling.”

Seattle, Washington (February 29, 2016) − Seattle-based, Bilingual Books, Inc. celebrates 35 years as a worldwide leader in the creation of innovative language learning programs for business professionals, leisure travelers, homeschoolers, adult education, and those serving overseas.

Bilingual Books was founded in 1981, by author Kristine Kershul, with the publication of her first book, GERMAN in 10 minutes a day®. “I wanted to make learning a foreign language fun and help people gain practical conversation skills they could use to make their experiences abroad more enjoyable,” said Kershul. Soon after the success of that first publication, more books in more languages followed, and within the first year, Bilingual Books became a full-fledged publisher.

“At that time, Seattle was not yet on the map. New York was the publishing capital of the world and to be considered a serious publisher, one needed to be headquartered there,” said Kershul. Although that was the sentiment of the time, Kershul, a Northwest native, proudly continued company operations in Seattle, always printing locally, and hiring local talent.

Today, Bilingual Books is still based in Seattle, nestled in Magnolia’s Fishermen’s Terminal. The company has sold more than 10 million copies of its highly-acclaimed products, and has published more than 40 titles in 20 languages, with successful product lines that include books, language guides, software and audio. Products are sold at both national and local brick-and-mortar bookstores, are available from major online booksellers, as well as at

“This all started because I dreamed of traveling. Exotic places, interesting cultures, and new adventures were, and still are, my passion,” said Kershul. “I had no idea that my love of languages and travel, combined with the success of the first book, would grow into Bilingual Books and 35 years of language fun.”

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Bilingual Books, Inc., a worldwide leader in the creation of innovative language learning programs, has published more than 40 titles in 20 languages, with product lines including the 10 minutes a day® Book Series, 10 minutes a day® AUDIO CD Series, and the Language Map® Series. Products are sold at Barnes and Noble,, local and online booksellers, and on

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