ITALIAN AUDIO CDs Only (set of six)
ISBN: 978-1-931873-27-7 / 978-1-931873-96-3
Author: Kristine K. Kershul

Already have the ITALIAN in 10 minutes a day® book?  Then you'll also want the companion AUDIO CDs.

This audio program takes you on a walking tour through learning Italian.  Your audio instructor guides you each step of the way, introducing new words, then phrases, then sentences.  You'll hear each word and practice right along, so you'll become comfortable hearing the language and be confident about your pronunciation.  Use the AUDIO CDs in combination with the ITALIAN in 10 minutes a day® book and software, and you can practice your Italian in a variety of ways.  You'll hear and repeat the words in the audio program, read and write them in the book, and play with them on your computer screen.  It's an engaging learning experience which accelerates your success and prepares you for traveling abroad.  Whether you're shopping in Florence, exploring food and wine in Tuscany or soaking up the sun in Positano, all your language needs are covered and you're set for the trip of a lifetime!

The 10 minutes a day® Program
  • The 10 minutes a day® Series is your first step in language learning.  This program lays the groundwork to springboard you to the next level.  You'll understand how the components of the language work so you'll have the flexibility to use the language for any situation.
  • The 10 minutes a day® method guarantees success—all you need to do is set aside 10 minutes a day.  When you do a little bit every day, you reinforce your learning and progress quickly.  Whether you're doing the exercises in the book or practicing with the audio, being consistent every day will help you to become comfortable and make this new language yours.
  • The program is designed so you can work at your own pace.  There is no set speed or time limit.  If you want to do more than 10 minutes a day, keep going.  Just remember, let the process be fun.
  • The AUDIO CDs personally guide you through every Step of learning Italian.  Together, with your audio instructor, you'll hear the words, say them aloud, use them in sentences and practice patterns.  And because everyone speaks differently, a wide range of voices is used to acquaint you with the variety of accents you're sure to encounter.  When you hear your new language every day, you train your ear, improve your speaking skills and build your confidence.
  • Music and sound effects are part of the program to enhance your experience and create a learning environment you'll enjoy.
  • The program focuses on words you'll use when traveling.  You'll learn Key Question Words so you can ask for what you need; money and numbers so you can shop and pay bills; directions so you can get around town smoothly, and so much more to make your experiences abroad enjoyable.
  • Download the audio to your MP3 player or smartphone so you can learn on the go and whenever it's most convenient for you—on your commute, at the gym, on your coffee break, or during lunch.  It's so easy to make learning your new language a part of your lifestyle.
Contents include:
  • Six full-length AUDIO CDs:
    • Eight hours of personalized audio instruction guide you through each step of learning Italian.
    • 15 voices with a variety accents, from Sicily to Tuscany and Rome to Venice, help you to become comfortable with the different sounds of the Italian language.
    • Each Step in the audio program mirrors the same material covered in the corresponding Step in the book.  Use the AUDIO CDs as a stand-alone program, or as a companion to the book to further enhance your learning experience.
    • CD indexing lets you navigate through the program to easily find the specific lesson you need.
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ITALIAN is spoken in . . . Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, and Vatican City.
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